Storm King's Thunder

The Seige of Triboar

As the two fire giants approached, our adventuring party had time to prepare defenses. The Lord Protector of the town had sent the militia in the opposite direction earlier in response to what had seemed like an earlier attack, but it was now clear that was only a diversion. This left Triboar mostly undefended, but a few people stepped up to the challenge: a few shopkeepers, the Lord Protecter herself, and a few less-savory characters.

The flames soon demolished the outer farms and reached the outskirts of the city proper, where the full force of the attacking army could be assessed. It was not just two fire giants assaulting the town, but a horde of orcs, orogs, and magmins as well! Luckily, Ruth was able to put a large chunk of the magmins to sleep early on, halting the destruction of the town and allowing the defending force to begin picking off the major offenders.

Beginning with the fire giants, the adventurers unsheathed their blades and notched their arrows. It took much effort, but eventually, one of the fire giants was wounded enough to call for a retreat. The other fire giant, being his mate, answered the call and pulled back, yelling something about the Vonindod, and calling for the orcs and orogs to cover their retreat.

Shanequa didn't want to let the fire giants to, but there were too many orcs and orogs blocking her pursuit. The party had no choice but to mop up what remained of the army, still large force of over a dozen battle-hungry creatures. The battle was hard-fought, but was won with effort.

The militia returned with heavy hearts after seeing the destruction caused to their city, but were also quite thankful that the adventurers and townsfolk had stepped up to the challenge. They vowed to not be tricked again, and began preparing for the giants' return.

Six errands await the party, taking them all across Faerun. What adventures await our party next?



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